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Gatehouse Firewood is open all year round 10am - 5pm

Telephone 01887 820472 to place a firewood order

We supply seasoned firewood logs all year round for sale, local delivery by trailer load or carry bags from the nursery.

All logs are seasoned - hardwood and/or softwood. To improve the burning quality of the logs they are best purchased and delivered during the summer months.

The wood is bought in from managed estates and woodlands to be seasoned and air dired here at Gatehouse, in log rows for at least 12 months before use. We keep a large stock of hardwood and softwood. It is then cut and split ready for delivery.

We can supply a wide range of log sizes to suit all fires, stoves burners and gasification boilers.


The following items are always available, 24hrs from the red bunkers located in Gatehouse Nursery car park

  • Carry net of dry hardwood logs
  • Kindling
  • Burning peat
  • Peat briquettes
  • Coal 10kg & 20kg bags

Gatehouse nursery hardwood and softwood logs available for delivery

Gatehouse supplies:

  • Logs & Firewood
  • Pots & Planters
  • Compost


  • Plants, Shrubs, Bushes
  • Bedding plants and Hanging baskets
  • and much more!


T: 01887 820472       F: 01887 829827
Gatehouse Nursery, Crieff Rd,
Aberfeldy, Perthshire, SCOTLAND, PH15 2EL
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